WPRO’s Dan Yorke Talks About His Concrete Floor Coating Project; Preparation

We are delighted to work with WPRO radio personality Dan Yorke. Today, he introduces DiStefano Brothers Concrete Coatings to his listeners and explains that because his garage has a little moisture in its concrete, which was just a tad over the specification which decides when and when we can apply the coating directly to concrete.

If the concrete is too wet, the polyurea coating will not be able to  form a strong bond. This can lead to the coating peeling, cracking, or delaminating.

For this reason, we test the moisture content of the concrete before applying a polyurea coating. The ideal moisture content for polyurea coatings is between 4 and 8%. If the moisture content is higher than 8%, a moisture barrier will need to be applied before the coating can be applied.

We are looking forward to Dan’s discussion of his experience with the concrete floor coating after it has been applied.

Photos of Our Team Preparing Dan’s Garage Floor

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