Our Floor Transformation Process

preparing the concrete floor

Step 1:  Preparation

Preparation is key! The first step is to grind the concrete to open the pores. We use a 700lb diamond head concrete grinder to profile the surface. Small hand grinders are used to profile edges, corners, and hard-to-reach areas. We also have a small 400lb grinder for spaces where there  is limited access.

  • Dust is minimized by connecting all grinders to HEPA filtered vacuums.
mending the concrete before applying concrete coating

Step 2: Mending

All cracks and pits are mended using our award-winning 2-part liquid mender. The time for the mender to cure is roughly 15-30 minutes. Once cured, the mended areas will be re-grinded to create a porous surface.

applying the base coat for the concrete coating

Step 3: Basecoat

Our 100% solid Polyurea basecoat is mixed and applied in small batches. Edges and verticals are all done by hand.

broadcasting the flakes onto the concrete coating

Step 4:  Broadcasting the Chip

We do a full broadcast of colored chip. We broadcast to the point of rejection. This is what gives the floor its look and texture. Our color chips are 100% UV stable.

scraping the in process concrete coating

Step 5:  Scraping The Chip

Once the chip and basecoat have cured, we scrape and vacuum off the excess chips. This is where we make sure there is even coverage throughout the floor.

applying the top coat to the concrete coating

Step 6:  Top Coat

The last step is roll and squeegee on the 2-part polyaspartic clear topcoat. This is what makes the floor antibacterial, antimicrobial, UV stable and non-porous.

Once we have completed the topcoat, you can walk on the floor after 12 hours, you can carry light items back after 24 hours and your floor is back to regular use and fully cured after 48 hours.

Process Video

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