A Room for Dan Yorke’s Cars

dan yorke's concrete floor coating before and after photo

During our initial consultation with Dan,  a WPRO radio personality, we discovered that the moisture level in the garage’s concrete floor was above the specification where the polyspartic polyurea floor coating will bond successfully; the coating may not adhere correctly or may fail prematurely if the concrete is too wet.Dan Yorke

A high moisture level is not typically a problem for our team, but it does rule out a one-day installation because we will need one day to prepare the floor to address the moisture issue.

Listen to Dan talk about his experience…

before garage concrete floor coating

Before Photo

Before applying the polyspartic polyurea to the floor we apply the moisture barrier.  The barrier requires time to set; we scheduled a return date to complete the installation.

After Application of the Moisture Barrier

Before applying the polyspartic polyurea floor coating, we fill all cracks and pits with our award-winning 2-part liquid mender, which takes about 15 to 30 minutes to cure, then we grind the surface. We use a 700-pound diamond head grinder to open pores and small hand grinders to profile edges, corners, and hard-to-reach areas. Our grinding equipment is connected to HEPA-filtered vacuums to minimize dust.

After the surface preparation, our 100% solid Polyurea basecoat is mixed and applied in small batches, and edges and vertical surfaces are finished by hand.

We broadcast the color chips; Dan had selected our Pebble Beach pattern. We broadcast beyond the point of rejection, which gives the floor its look and texture. Our color chips are 100 percent UV stable. Once the chip and basecoat have cured, we scrape and vacuum the excess Pebble Beachchips.

Finally, we poured on the 2-part polyaspartic clear topcoat and used a roller and squeegee to obtain a smooth finish.

Dan could walk on the floor after 12 hours and carry light items back after 24 hours, and his garage was back to regular use and fully cured after 48 hours.

It was a pleasure working with Dan, and as he said to his listeners on his WPRO radio show, it is the best home improvement project he has undertaken. Dan no longer calls it his garage; he calls it his “room for my cars, because it doesn’t feel like a garage anymore.”

Dan giggles with satisfaction each time he walks on his new floor; that makes us feel, to quote Dan, “pretty, pretty, good.”

The Finished Product

Dan’s Garage Floor Before We Set To Work

Installation and After Photos

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