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As a responsible business owner, creating a safe and functional environment to protect your customers and employees starts from the ground up, with your flooring! For the ultimate in safety, style and durability, there’s no better choice than DiStefano Brothers Concrete Coatings. Designed to enhance the look and feel of any size space, our flooring solution is ideal for a variety of businesses.

  •  100% Antimicrobial & Antibacterial: The non-porous surface resist bacteria and germs, making cleaning your new floors low maintenance and easy to clean. Great for commercial kitchens, Locker rooms, schools, medical centers and more!
  • Skid Resistant: The textured floor offers a slip resistant finish, ideal for high traffic areas such as  retail stores, showrooms and more!
  • Easy to Clean: Our floor finishes are seamless and are non porous making cleaning a breeze and sanitary! Perfect for Veterinary Clinics, Storage Facilities and more!
  • Will not Chip or Peel: The durable 3 layer system can stand up to the toughest uses. Our system can stand up to dog claw scratches, fork lifts and much more! Ideal for Kennels, Warehouses, Gyms and more!
  • 5 year commercial warranty– Protect your investment!

Commercial Floor Concrete Coatings

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Sample Floors

Concrete Coating, Retail
Concrete Coatings, Industrial
Concrete Coatings, Dog Kennel

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