Scot Haney Talks Concrete Floor Coatings on WPLR

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scot haney

“My garage is so beautiful. I might have dinner there this weekend.”
~ Scot Haney

Transcribe of the Beginning of the Interview

“DiStefano concrete coatings.” ~Scot Haney

“Concrete coatings. Nice.”

“It is the most amazing product you’ve ever seen. My garage is so beautiful. I might have dinner there this weekend.” ~  Scot Haney

“Oh, they did your floor?”

“They did my floor in my garage.” ~  Sctt Haney

“Urethane. Nice coating. Now, like you get exposed to open up the garage door”

“I want to do that.”

“I need that.”

“You guys, you got to do it. It is the most spectacular thing it makes. It just makes entering your home because I enter. I come and go through the garage, and it just makes it part of your home. It is so beautiful” ~  Scot Haney


“It is unbelievable.” ~  Scot Haney

“You can slide your socks, across your garage. 

“Yes. Yes.” ~  Scot Haney

“Christine had it done. And once you do that, you could use that area as a party space. You can put the bar on. That looks good. Set it all up. It looks good.”

“It’s amazing. I’ll send you the video of them doing it.” ~  Scot Haney

Scot’s Garage Transformation

Before the Transformation

During the Transformation


Apply Chip to the Verticals

Apply the Basecoat

Broadcast the Chip

Broadcast the Chip

Scraping the Chip

After the Transformation; a Happy Scot Haney

Concrete Floor Coatings Warranty


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