Patio Concrete Floor Coatings Installation: A Coastal Home

For many, relaxing by the water with a cold drink, surrounded by friends and family, is just what the doctor ordered. For Keith, it would be a dream come true. When he and his family had a vision for such, on their own property, a plan was hatched and a Distefano Brothers Concrete Coating became a must for their concrete space.

Like most homes on the water, code calls for pilings/supports to ensure the structure remains intact in the event of a storm and/or flooding. Upon arrival, our coatings specialist, Justin, was able to meet with Keith to inspect his unfinished slab, located underneath an elevated section of the home and the back deck, strewn with several metal supports. The covered area, used for storage at the time, offered gorgeous views of the water and its potential became immediately clear!

Matunuck Oyster

Matunuck Oyster Pattern

The consultation allowed for many things. Justin was able to ensure that the environment supported installation. The hardness of the concrete was determined to be perfect, the moisture content fell within the correct range, cracks and pitting were assessed, mending was planned, the square footage was measured, and the determination that our crew would be able to access the space with their heavy equipment was made. Justin was able to walk Keith through the entire process and every question was answered. Most importantly, Keith and Justin talked about vision. Keith was able to explain that he and his family not only envisioned the space becoming a bar/lounge area but that they already had the specs for the construction side of the project. The metal columns were going to be boxed in, walls finished, a bar built, and a tv hung, but a bare concrete floor just wasn’t acceptable. Because of their durability, strength, and beauty our coatings are better than epoxy, better than paint, and better than stain. Justin was able to determine that our three tier system would be the perfect solution.

Together, Keith and Justin examined the various color options we have to offer. It didn’t take long. “Matunuck Oyster” was the choice, and in this sea-side environment, how could it not be? Every environment offers a different challenge when it comes to finish. Since the area had potential for moisture from rain, ocean mist, and the like, a “shark grip” finish was the best measure to combat slip. An agreement was made, a timeline was discussed, and the vision became all the more clear.

As expected on installation day, our installation professionals were prompt and on time. Being an outdoor area, every effort was made to ensure that the landscape and surrounding grounds remained clean and intact. Each installation provides us with varying environments to work within. We pride ourselves on our ability to prepare each unique area exactly the way it needs in order to be tidy, clean, and the least disruptive. Even the least trained eye can spot a mess and our crews are diligent, making sure that the only evidence of our being there is a beautiful new floor. It is often stated by our customers that we separate ourselves through our customer service, prep work, and our attention to detail. Once we know that our own high standards are met, the installation begins. Upon arrival the crew noticed the boxed in columns and finished walls, both painted white, a built in multi-level bar with a step and an apron of crushed stone surrounding the slab, all of which abutt a grassy yard, just feet from the water. The crew made absolutely certain that the appropriate coverings were in position to safeguard against any possible damage.

Concrete is porous so we start by grinding a thin layer off the top. This process opens the pores, allowing for maximum bonding with the polyurea base coat. Our grinders are big, 700+ pounds, and used in open spaces. For the corners, borders, and around the new finish work we use hand grinders. Though the grinders are hooked up to a high efficiency vacuum system, thus minimizing dust, we follow up by vacuuming by hand since even a small mess is too big! Once the slab was absolutely pristine, the polyurea base coat was applied, by both roller and brush. The layer of chip was broadcast by hand, 120% more than the space calls for to guarantee maximum coverage. The “Matunuck Oyster” floor finally became visible. The crew waited for everything to cure and adhere, and the excess chip was scraped off. The hand vacs went back to work, the area was meticulously cleaned, and the polyaspartic top coat with the “shark bite” grip was applied. The “transFLOORmation” was complete and Keith was able to walk on his floor 12 hours later. His seaside bar area/lounge had come to fruition.

For many, relaxing by the water with a cold drink, surrounded by friends and family, is just what the doctor ordered. Keith’s vision became our vision and his dream come true. It was our pleasure after all, as, “customer delight” is our mantra.

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After Photos

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