Garage Concrete Floor Installation: Nature Threw Us a Curveball

a 5 star review of our concert coatings

This quote, from Sandy, is another example of how we strive for customer delight while also shedding light on the fact that there tends to be some sticker shock when cost is determined. It’s true, since we’re better than epoxy, better than paint or stain, and better than the Do It Yourself (DIY) products from the big box stores, our coatings do cost more. People pay higher for our polyurea based system because of the professional preparation and installation, the durability and strength of the coating, and the amount of time it takes for the project to be completed. Sandy garage floor beforeAdd the 15 year residential warranty and the outstanding customer service and it’s easy to see that customers get what they pay for; a beautiful new floor that stands up against the elements as well as extreme wear and tear. Other products might offer a 1 year limited warranty, but we confidently stand by our 15 years because we know our coatings will last much longer. If there is a question before, during, or after completion we are just a phone call or email away. Customers interact with our professional employees whose knowledge and resources far surpass the alternatives.

When Sandy contacted us about her garage she spoke with Sarah, our coatings administrative assistant. Sarah was able to put Sandy in touch with Justin, one of our coatings specialists, who scheduled a time to meet Sandy in person and assess the project. During the appointment Sandy walked Justin through the space where they were able to talk about the process, select a color, and schedule an installation date. Justin was able to see that the floor had remnants of a DIY floor coating that no longer met Sandy’s car storage needs. The small cracks and stains had become an eyesore for Sandy, and she wanted to replace it with something that was “clean” and slip resistant. She was also interested in having the coating cover the skirt extending beyond the garage door into the driveway as well as the vertical space around half the perimeter of the garage floor. We’re all too happy to be able to include these options for most projects, especially a garage. The skirt hadn’t previously been coated with the DIY product as it couldn’t stand up to exterior elements. An uncoated section like that looks fine, as long as the door is closed, but doesn’t look cohesive when the garage is open. Coating the verticals was a no-brainer as they were so low to the floor. By coating them we make the look of the floor more uniform and the end result really “pops!” We hesitate to coat anything that’s too high from the ground as it can start to get a “fish bowl” look to the area. Since it was a garage, adding anti-slip texture is the right call.sandras- garage after No matter the environment, when water is introduced surfaces become slippery. Inevitably, because Sandy keeps her car in the garage some water is expected to find its way in. By adding texture, we’re adding an extra measure of safety. Not every floor calls for anti-slip texture because not every floor becomes wet under normal circumstances, but this case made total sense. Justin was able to explain the exact process for what Sandy was asking for. Everything from the preparation to grinding, crack mending to clean-up, and the warranty were discussed in detail. Sandra chose the color “Smoke,” one of our most popular colors, and her schedule was set.

On the day of installation Mother Nature threw us a curveball. We can coat in just about any weather condition; hot, cold, windy, calm, but wet, we don’t do wet! As the rain came down we knew that because we were in a garage, rather than an interior space without a large exterior door, we were going to have to reschedule. This was disappointing because the last thing we want to do is let a client down. Justin and Sandy spoke and all parties were pleased to reschedule for just a couple days later. Installation Day, take 2, went off without a hitch. Devon and Darnell were the installation team and met with Sandy to review the process and answer any remaining questions. They prepped the garage and surrounding area, ground off the DIY floor, mended cracks, and installed a brand new, clean, slip resistant garage floor, giving Sandy everything that she asked for in just a matter of hours. When the site was cleaner than when they found it, Devon and Darnell gave Sandy her warranty information, explained the last details, and left her to enjoy her transFLOORmation.

Talk to anyone at Distefano Brothers Concrete Coatings and one will find that we love what we do and think very highly about our business and floors. To be honest, though, we’d rather a recommendation come from one of our many valued customers across Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Southern Massachusetts. Customer delight is our mantra and we don’t settle for anything less. Thanks again for the kind words Sandy!

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