From Clutter Chaos to Courtside Chic:

Coach Tammi Reiss’ Dream Garage Makeover

University of Rhode Island’s Women’s Basketball Head Coach Tammi Reiss knows a thing or two about leading teams to victory. But off the court, her home court – her garage – needed a significant assist. Cracked, stained concrete and overflowing clutter were hardly the setting for strategic plays or post-game celebrations. That’s where DiStefano Brothers Concrete Coatings swooped in, ready to transform Coach Reiss’ garage into a functional and stylish haven.

The culprit? Years of wear and tear had taken their toll on the garage floor. Cracks snaked across the surface, hiding stains from oil changes and muddy cleats. But Coach Reiss wasn’t about to let a little grime sideline her dream of a polished space.

Enter DiStefano Brothers, the Rhode Island experts in polyurea and polyaspartic concrete floor coatings. These innovative coatings are renowned for their durability, resilience, and stunningly sleek finish – perfect for a coach who demands both function and aesthetics.

The DiStefano Brothers team went to work, meticulously prepping the floor and applying their signature coating. The result? A gleaming, smooth, patterned surface that transformed the entire space. Gone were the cracks and stains, replaced by a high-gloss sheen that mirrored the championship aspirations of Coach Reiss’ team. But the magic didn’t stop there.

Recognizing the coach’s struggle with clutter, DiStefano Brothers proposed an ingenious solution: custom garage storage organization. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets in sleek, modern colors provided ample storage for everything from sports equipment to tools and gardening supplies. Slat walls, expertly installed, offered additional hanging space for bikes, kayaks, and other bulky items.

The final reveal was a game-changer. Coach Reiss’ once-shabby garage had become a showcase of both functionality and style. The gleaming floor reflected the team’s winning spirit, while the organized storage brought a sense of calm and control. It was the perfect space for pre-game strategizing, post-game celebrations, or simply unwinding after a long day on the court.

“It took my garage to a whole other level.” Coach Reiss said. “It makes me feel organized, and everything has a place.”

So, if your garage is suffering from a case of the “clutter blues,” take a page out of Coach Reiss’ playbook. Call the experts at DiStefano Brothers Concrete Coatings and witness your garage transformation. Remember, a winning season starts at home, including creating a space that reflects your inner champion.

Coach Tammi Reiss’ Discusses Her Dream Garage Makeover

About Tammi Reiss

A New York native, Reiss carved her legacy at the University of Virginia, graduating as an All-American with three Final Four appearances. She stepped onto the professional stage, drafted fifth overall by the Utah Starzz in the inaugural WNBA draft. After two seasons lighting up the league, Reiss transitioned from player to coach, bringing her wealth of experience to assistant and head coaching roles.

In 2019, she arrived at the University of Rhode Island; since her arrival, she has won multiple coaching awards, and in the 2021-2022 season, Coach Reiss led the team to 22 wins for the first time in program history.

Whether leading her team to championship glory or inspiring young athletes, Tammi Reiss embodies the true spirit of a champion on and off the court.

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