‘Delight Our Clients,’ An Example of Our Core Values at Work

Core Values: Our Foundation

One of our core values is “Delight Our Clients.” We want to deliver such a high level of customer service that our internal and external clients tell everyone about us. To achieve this goal we continue to build a team of competent professionals who take pride in what they do. Recently our quality care director, Tony, received high praise from a client. If anyone embodies what we want our reputation to be it’s Tony. So when Tony received communication that a customer was concerned about imperfections in the installation of their floor he went to work, he remedied the situation and demonstrated what we do best!

The recommendation is our client’s own words:

garage concrete floor coating with a chip“Tony was here yesterday and did a fantastic job! He called ahead of time as promised. He was articulate, friendly and professional, and stressed that the mission at DB is 100% perfection and customer satisfaction.

I pointed out the chip and he addressed it and then asked if he could look the entire floor over. I went inside my house while he did his work, and looked in the garage 10 minutes later and he was literally on his hands and knees looking over the entire surface. And it was cold. Who does that???

He found a few more spots that I would have missed for sure. And the entire time he worked it was with a genuine smile. I was floored – pardon the pun. Not often do I see a company like DiStefano Brothers, but I am beyond satisfied.

When he said this is now a room in your home, not a garage, I realized he “gets it”. It is clear from start to finish – the AWESOME installation crew, you, Jenna etc. are truly committed to your craft. A million thumbs up!

We stand by our product as well as the professionals whom customers will be working with. From preinstallation, to the prep-work, installation, and beyond our goal is to stick to our core values and deliver for each and every customer. Tony tends to make a habit out of representing all that is right with Distefano Brothers Concrete Coatings. Not only do we claim that we’re better than epoxy, better than paint, and better than stain, we prove it in every recommendation that we receive. As much as we sell a quality product with professional installation we also sell an experience. Sticking to who we are and our core values allows us to ensure that each experience meets our own high quality standards.

Tony’s Garage Before the Concrete Coating

garage concrete floor before coating

Tony’s Garage Floor After the Concrete Coating

garage concrete floor after coating

garage concrete floor after coating

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