A Basement Transformed With a Concrete Floor Coating

“This is a room in your home, not a garage.”

Recently, a customer gave us an awesome review because he was blown away that Tony, our quality control director, used these words as he was picking over a new finished floor with a fine tooth comb to make sure there weren’t any imperfections. Positive reviews are always amazing to receive, especially when it’s about something that is just standard practice and part of the job. One of the reasons we know we’re better than epoxy and any other concrete coating, really, is our attention to detail. It’s true, we look at a finished garage as a room in the home, not the forgotten “catch all” that they tend to become. Then begs the question, what if we’re coating an actual room inside the home? If a garage can become completely transformed, imagine what can happen to a basement! If that basement was previously finished and used regularly, the results are amazing as we upgrade an area from good to great!

basement floor concrete coating, before

Before, With Carpet

basement floor concrete coating

After, With Concrete Coating

Basements are great areas to work on during the winter months and in lousy weather. Since they’re interior spaces, we eliminate the possibility of Mother Nature causing delays. Rain and snow can affect the scheduled installation of coating a garage, pool skirt, patio, or outdoor areas because keeping the area dry during installation is a must. That is one of the many reasons why basement transFLOORmations are awesome!

This particular basement had been finished previously. The living area was wall to wall carpet and was used as a home office. We could access it through a garage so if there was any chance of precipitation, we could make sure that equipment and crew were completely dry before entering the space.

Justin met with the homeowners to walk them through the process, make measurements, access the concrete, provide color choices, and develop an estimate. The customers shared that the carpet was getting old and worn and that a change was desired. As is often the case, our polyurea based coating would not only be the solution they were looking for, but would reinvigorate the space and take it to the next level. We get excited about our projects because the positive impacts are immeasurable. There was no doubt that this basement transformation would be any different!

When installation day came, the crew of Devon, Anthony, and Sol arrived in the morning to do the usual preinstallation walk through and identify the areas of focus for protection and preparation. The carpet had been removed, with the exception of the interior stairs, so they had to be protected. Because the carpet had previously covered the concrete, there were several tac holes, along with some cracking, that had to be addressed.

Between the grinding and the mender product, Devon, Anthony, and Sol were able to get the concrete in near perfect condition. This allows the installation to be nearly seamless and, frankly, makes the finished floor more uniform and beautiful. The color, Mt. Everest, was a great choice, and the space that was once covered in an old, tired carpet now popped! Both the basement and the homeowners were reinvigorated. The space was alive with possibilities!

One of the fun parts of our job is to see the look on customers’ faces when they see their new, beautiful floor. So many times they have a plan for the space that, we can tell, gets completely changed after they see their transformation. Garages become rooms, imagine loving your garage that much! Basements become points of pride, the home office is now a living room! It’s satisfying when the areas of a home that were previously forgotten and overlooked become focal points. It’s just plain enjoyable to be the reason that plans change!

Basement Before Photos, With Carpet

basement floor concrete coating, before

basement floor concrete coating, before

In-Process Photos

basement floor concrete coating, in-process

basement floor concrete coating

After Photos, With Concrete Floor Coating Applied

basement floor concrete coating

basement floor concrete coating

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