Mark Perryman Discusses DiStefano Brothers

Mark discusses the improvements made to his car showroom’s entryway using DiStefano Brothers concrete floor coatings in this edition of his weekly radio show. After this, he discussed the similarities in company culture at Patriot Subaru, North Attleboro, and the DiStefano Brothers businesses.

Mark had recently attended the DiStefano Brothers all-hands meeting to discuss ‘leadership’ and his value-set, which contributed to the growth of his Subaru dealership.Mark sat with Peter Distefano in front of the entire workforce and fielded questions about a series of broad-reaching leadership questions, which he and Peter answered with blunt honesty and displayed great humility as he interacted with the DiStefano employees. The two successful business leaders motivated the gathering with their shared values, empathy, integrity, and vision.

We thank Mark for taking the time to engage with our team; and for using our concrete floor coating service to dress up the entryway of his car dealership.



Photos From the DiStefano Brothers All-Hands Meeting That Mark Attended

Scraping the Chip

Project Before and After Photos

Concrete Floor Coatings Warranty


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