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Restaurant Floor Coating Solutions for Kitchens, Dining Areas & Patios

DiStefano Brothers offers superior polyurea and polyaspartic concrete floor coating solutions specifically designed for restaurants’ demanding environments. Our high-performance coatings provide exceptional Durability, sanitation, and aesthetics, ensuring your restaurant floors can withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining a pristine appearance.

Why Choose Distefano Brothers Polyurea/Polyaspartic Floor Coatings for Your Restaurant?

  • Unmatched Durability (4x Stronger than Epoxy): Our coatings are formulated to resist heavy foot traffic, spills, stains, abrasions, and chemicals commonly used in restaurants. They are significantly more durable than traditional epoxy coatings, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving you money in the long run.
  • Superior Sanitation: Our coatings are non-porous and create a seamless surface, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew; this makes them ideal for kitchens and food prep areas where sanitation is critical. Our easy-to-clean surfaces minimize the time and effort required to maintain a hygienic environment.
  • Enhanced Safety: Our slip-resistant coatings promote safety for staff and patrons, even in wet conditions; this can help reduce the risk of accidents and create a safer dining experience.
  • Fast Installation & Minimal Downtime: Our coatings cure rapidly, minimizing disruption to your restaurant operations. In most cases, your floors will be ready for use within 24 hours of installation.
  • Aesthetics that Impress: We offer various colors and design options to create a visually appealing and unique floor that complements your restaurant’s décor.

Distefano Brothers – The Perfect Solution for Every Restaurant Area

  • Kitchens:Our coatings can withstand the constant activity and harsh cleaning chemicals used in kitchens, providing a safe, sanitary, and easy-to-maintain surface.
  • Dining Areas:Our decorative floor coatings, which are easy to clean and maintain their luster over time, create an inviting and stylish atmosphere.
  • Outdoor Patios: Our UV-stable coatings are perfect for outdoor dining areas. They resist the elements and ensure a beautiful and functional space for your guests.


restaurant concrete floor coatings

DiStefano Brothers’ polyurea polyaspartic concrete floor coatings offer an intelligent investment for restaurant. Their superior durability, chemical resistance, fast cure times, low maintenance requirements, and safety features make them the ideal choice for high-traffic areas. With our concrete foor coating, you can be confident that your restaurant floors will look great and perform well for years.

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Concrete Floor Coating Colors

concrete pain colors

We have a broad selection of standard colors that will complement the design of your space, but if you want something a little different, we can create a custom color combination just for you!

To assist you in making your color choice, our sales team will show you, during your free consultation, large color swatches that you can match against your space to pick the perfect color.

View Our Selection of Colors

Don’t Take Our Word for It, Listen to Our Clients

“The crew showed up at 8:00 am as promised. They did a great job; the floor looked super, and they finished the job when they said they would be done. The crew was very efficient and friendly and answered all my questions. I’m very happy with the outcome…the floor looks great!! “

The Before & After Transformation

restaurant concrete floor coatings

restaurant concrete floor coatings

restaurant concrete floor coatings

restaurant concrete floor coatings

restaurant concrete floor coating


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