• 1-Day Garage Installations (Epoxy takes 3-days minimum)
  • 98% More Flexible Than Epoxy
  • 4Xs Stronger Than Epoxy Systems
  • 2Xs Better Adhesion
  • Walk On In 12-Hours – Drive on in 48-Hours (Epoxy Up To One-Week)

Examples of Failed Epoxy Garage Floors

failed epoxy garage floor
failed epoxy garage floor
failed epoxy garage floor

Polyurea vs Epoxy Comparison Table

Durability4Xs stronger than epoxy. Long-lasting, even in changing environments.Can last awhile if applied correctly and in a climate controlled environment.
Outdoor UseCan be used outdoors and can withstand challenging environments.Cannot be used outdoors because it cannot withstand extreme temperature changes.
Cure TimeOne day.Six to eight days.
Color IntegrityWill not fade, 100% UV stable.Not UV resistant. Color will fade and yellow with exposure to the sun.
Flexibility10Xs more flexible than epoxy. Expands and contracts with the concrete.Cures to a very hard surface. Can’t withstand the expanding and contracting concrete and becomes brittle and peels, chips, and flakes.

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